Apiary: a collection of hives or colonies of bees kept for their honey

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Meet Mabel Weng: MSVU PR Grad with a passion for pottery

We had a chat with Mabel Weng, communications specialist to learn more about why she got into PR and her passion for pottery. How did you come to pursue a career in public relations? This is very millennial of me, but the television program Scandal was what piqued my interest in public relations. Before the […]

The Power of Community

These are interesting times. Each day our team meets remotely to discuss how we will best support our clients and how we can best support each other. Today, we talked about #community. It is one of our core #values and we are now seeing it differently and becoming more committed and fascinated with the concept. […]

Meet Jill Thorpe: NSCC grad who aspires to be Britney Spears

We just celebrated Jill’s one-year anniversary at PR Hive as a Communications Specialist! We had a chat about her passion for photography and her secret desire to become Britney Spears – never say never Jill! Why did you decide to pursue a career in public relations? I’ve always enjoyed writing but wasn’t sure if it […]

Acts of Kindness

By Mabel Weng Today is Good Neighbour Day! For those who’ve always wanted to do something for the causes they care for but have never had the chance, #GoodNeighbourDay is a good day to inspire action. Community is important to us, in fact it’s one of our values. So we are excited to take the […]

The art of crafting a good pitch

By: Mabel Weng There are many different types of pitches: elevator pitches that range from 20 to 30 seconds, media pitches that tell newsworthy stories, fundraising pitches for a cause and everything in between. What we know is that the key to a good pitch is a great story. But what makes a good story? […]

Dear PR: You had me at hello

By: Robyn McIsaac For most people, explaining to others what they do is simple. Accountant. Electrician. Teacher. Those are professions people understand with one simple word. Those of us who work in public relations, however, are regularly faced with blank stares and a “so what exactly is it you do?” Admittedly, I didn’t know about […]

Five networking tips for entry-level professionals in their job search

By: Jordan Parker Jordan joined us for his work term from the Nova Scotia Community College and is finishing up his last week with us as part of his Advanced Diploma in Public Relations. Switching from journalism to public relations required networking with a new crowd. Through that experience, he’s learned a lot about building […]

Five tips for a successful student work placement

By: Maddy Murphy Being a co-op student can be a bit nerve-wracking at first. You’re in a new space, you find everyone extremely smart and learning the ropes of the job can be challenging. I started my high school work placement at The PR Hive in March. Having been here for a few months, I […]