Meet Mabel Weng: MSVU PR Grad with a passion for pottery

We had a chat with Mabel Weng, communications specialist to learn more about why she got into PR and her passion for pottery.


How did you come to pursue a career in public relations?
This is very millennial of me, but the television program Scandal was what piqued my interest in public relations. Before the show I had no idea that public relations even existed as a career option. Though I have to admit the show makes PR seem much more dramatic than it is.

Since jumping on the PR wagon because of a TV program isn’t very practical. I took a more pragmatic approach to see if it was a suitable career choice for me. So, in the summer of my 11th grade I decided to do an internship for an agency in Beijing that specialized in media training and employee engagement. Although it was only four months, I quickly learned that it was something I would enjoy.

What is one thing you love about working in PR?
I believe at the core, a majority of organizations have a purpose that ties to the greater good. What I love about PR is being able to help those organizations communicate their purpose, so they can connect with their stakeholders to achieve their goals.

What’s it like working at an agency?
This may sound like a cliché but there is always something new to do and learn every day. For someone who is interested in literally everything, what is most exciting about working at an agency is learning about the client and their industry. One cool aspect about working in Halifax, is that by working with different organizations in the province, I’m getting to know Halifax and Nova Scotia bit by bit from different perspectives since it is a smaller city.

If you weren’t doing public relations, what would you be doing right now?
I’ve always wanted to work in a remote country, doing boots on the ground kind of work. If I have the opportunity and the financial freedom, that is something I want to try doing in the future. I also enjoy hands-on work as well, so maybe a professional potter. I could spend hours playing with a pottery, especially working with a pottery wheel. I love the cold feeling of the wet clay and watching it spin slowly transforming into another shape.

Do you have a favourite spot in the North End?
As much as I enjoy spending time in my apartment, I also love exploring different places in the North End. One of my favourite spots in the North End is the Korean grocery store on Gottingen, I find that they have the best packaged kimchi in Halifax (in my opinion). The other spot would be the Tare Shop – I’ve been trying to be more eco-conscious lately, so I enjoy seeing what kind of products they offer. Another spot is the bus stop across from St. Joseph’s Square on Gottingen street. Like others I don’t enjoy waiting for the bus, but that bus stop is a great place to just sit and chill in the summer. It’s a fairly quiet area and you have a great view of the shops and cafes under St. Joseph’s square. The spot just calms you down – I don’t know anything about Feng Shui but I have a feeling that spot has pretty good Feng Shui.

Last and final question. As a member of the PR Hive, we have to ask – what is your favourite flower and why?
I would say baby’s breath, because it doesn’t look like your typical flower. I also love the dream-like quality to it, and the cute name 😊.