The success of your organization is in the relationships you cultivate with employees, clients and the community.

We can help

Simply put, without relationships, there is no business.
At The PR Hive, we help clients build and strengthen relationships with those who matter most.

Strategic Communications Planning

Addressing your priority areas.

Stakeholder Engagement

Bringing you the perspectives you need.

Issues Management

Aiming for mutual understanding.

Employee Relations

Creating a two-way conversation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Building the social license to do business.

About the PR Hive

The PR Hive grew out of a love for all things communication. Like a bustling beehive, creative and passionate professionals with their unique skills come together as a team whose sole purpose is to connect you with your stakeholders.

Nothing inspires us more and builds deeper commitment than working together to create something greater than ourselves.

Why you need the PR Hive

From large corporations to government departments to small startups, The PR Hive provides the public relations expertise your team needs—when you need it. And the best part? We can jump in at any point in your project, and provide the strategic advice and hands-on help to get the job done.

Here are just a few of the scenarios that might lead you to the PR Hive:
You need an experienced and senior public relations professional for a project or specific issue.
You’re too busy putting out fires to get to the planning.
You need a strategic roadmap to focus your efforts and team.
You’re too close to the issue and need an external perspective.
You need someone outside the organization to validate your work.
You need a savvy strategic partner to take advantage of great opportunities.

A collaboration with The PR Hive will help you achieve the results you need.

The PR Hive is a part of the Crestview Strategy group of companies.

Did you know?
In masonic lectures, the beehive is explained as a symbol of industry and co-operation.

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