Acts of Kindness

By Mabel Weng

Today is Good Neighbour Day! For those who’ve always wanted to do something for the causes they care for but have never had the chance, #GoodNeighbourDay is a good day to inspire action.

Community is important to us, in fact it’s one of our values. So we are excited to take the opportunity to celebrate. Here’s what we’ll be doing this weekend for the people in our neighbourhoods and communities.

Here are some acts of kindness ideas from our team:

1.     Donate books to your local library – Robyn

If you’re ever in Wolfville, you might just run into Robyn at the entrance of Wolfville Memorial Library, with a pile of books in her arms, putting them through the book return slot.

This is her way of sharing her love of reading with those in her community. So if you need to make room on your bookshelf, let someone else enjoy your good reads by bringing them to your local library this Saturday.

2.     Visit your local SPCA to play with the cats or walk a dog – Jill

This one’s for our furry neighbours out there. As much as Jill loves her cat, she also loves dogs (sorry, Pumpkin). If you love animals as much as Jill, turn this Saturday into a Caturday and keep the kitties company or walk a dog at the SPCA.

If playing with animals isn’t for you, you can host a Kitten Shower – where you encourage your friends and family to bring items like food or litter to donate at the SPCA.

3.     Drop off clothes at a nearby donation bin or donate supplies to Shelter Nova Scotia – Heather

Winter is coming. Today is a good day to “Marie Kondo” your closet and donate clothes you no longer use. Heather has a few bags ready to drop at Hospice Halifax – they are preparing to open their new social enterprise, The Compassionate Closet, and are accepting donations at 618 Francklyn Street, weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

There are a number of other organizations who take donations, use this map to find their bins.

Heather also notes that Shelter Nova Scotia publishes a list of items they need each week on social media. Have a look at the list and drop by your local grocery store or pull a couple of unused items from your home to donate.

4.     Buy meal tokens at The Nook – Allison

The Nook on Gottingen in Halifax gives customers the opportunity to buy meal tokens that can be given to and used by those in need. If you’re near Gottingen street this Saturday, you can take this opportunity to buy some tokens and either hand them out yourself or leave them at the café where staff will use them to buy a hot meal of coffee for a neighbour in need.

5.     Buy canned or dry foods during your grocery trip to donate – Mabel

If you are doing a grocery trip this Saturday, be sure to pick up a couple of canned goods or dry foods for your local food bank. By the entrance of most Superstores (like the one on Young Street, for example) there is always a Feed Nova Scotia box where you can drop off food donations.

Although today is a great day to encourage acts of kindness, remember that looking out for others is something we should all strive to do every day – whether you’re checking up on a sick neighbour during a hurricane or giving up your seat on the bus.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Instagram story, to share with us your small act of kindness you’ve done today or every day.