The Power of Community

bee-looking-out-windowThese are interesting times. Each day our team meets remotely to discuss how we will best support our clients and how we can best support each other. Today, we talked about #community. It is one of our core #values and we are now seeing it differently and becoming more committed and fascinated with the concept. We can look out our windows and see evidence of a socially distanced community – people aren’t out, they aren’t gathering anywhere. There are no events, no classes, no restaurants, no shoppers. Very few people anywhere. Yet in this moment this is evidence of community; proof that people are coming together in one of the most meaningful and caring ways possible – to protect their communities and neighbours from the spread of a virus that has brought a grinding halt to the world we are used to.

And there’s something else about this situation. It is quite possibly the first time we are truly connected globally on a matter that has no “sides.” There is no debating this virus. There are no politicians or large corporate bodies lobbying for or against. In many ways it is simple: this is a life or death situation that has the potential to impact all of us equally, no matter where we live, our gender, culture, religion etc…..all of that is put to the side. It’s a defining moment for us as a global community. Another one of core values is #optimism and just as we have come together to stay apart, we hope when this is over we will come together in a more thoughtful and compassionate way.

We hope that wherever you are, you can be safe and well. We are particularly grateful for those working in our essential services who are managing and preparing to protect our communities, as much as possible.

Photo credit u/MelKi10, reddit